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digital signage software

The easy-to-use digital signage software to play your contents everyware

The "Media Player for Digital Signage" application of nuiSense business is the digital signage software easier to configure. It is not necessary any specific product expertise to create in few minutes your first application of digital signage. Easily upgradeable is the perfect solution if you have a small budget but do not want to compromise on quality.

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Choose your contents

Choose your contents

You can easily and in a few minutes choose the images and videos to be displayed from a local folder, from USB or a network folder. Media Player can also load your contents from the Cloud, via Microsoft OneDrive.


Start automatically

Automatically start of your application

Your application can be automatically started when the digital signage display starts by using the "Assigned Access" feature of Windows Pro 8.1 (or higher) and Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry. Anyone can do it!

Led Wall

Outdoor signage

Video Wall

Huge size


For public spaces


For events & fairs