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multi touch software

The Multi Touch Software for Creating Engaging Interactive Touch Applications and Presentations

With nuiSense business you can quickly create an immersive multi touch application without programming knowledge. Create an interactive and collaborative presentation where more people can simultaneously interact with your contents. Generate traffic and capture the attention in a simple and innovative way.

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Choose the contents

Choose your contents

You can easily and in a few minutes choose the images, videos, PDF documents and Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations (additional feature needed) to be displayed from a local folder, from USB or a network folder. Thanks to nuiSense business you can also load your contents from the Cloud, via Microsoft OneDrive.



Customize the theme of the application

Fits your application to your brand, choose theme and colors, you can decide what to display during the idle time of your application. With nuiSense business can really customize every aspect of your multi touch application, you can choose between different modes to navigate your contents.



Configure the core features

The software allows you to enable or disable various features such as:

  • Capturing photos and video from a webcam

  • Sharing content with other installed App

  • Displaying text associated with images

  • Screening of the content on a TV via DLNA

  • Receiving via DLNA images and videos from Smartphone and Tablet


WOW effect!

Enrich your multi touch application with unique features

With nuiSense business you can enrich your multi touch application with unique features able to surprise and attract people, such as:

  • Sharing content with Smartphone and Tablet

  • Object recognition

  • Projection of the content on a secondary screen via DLNA, HDMI cable or WiDi

  • Interactive whiteboard

  • Viewing of Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations (coming soon)


Start automatically

Automatically start of your application

Your application can be automatically started when the digital signage display starts by using the "Assigned Access" feature of Windows Pro 8.1 (or higher) and Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry. Anyone can do it! In this mode users cannot close the software.



Start your multi touch experience

You just have to start the application you created and start a really unique multi touch experience. Multiple users can simultaneously browse media contents, touch them, resize them, drag and rotate them like they were real.

Totem multi touch

Public spaces

Outdoor totem

For external uses

Storefront Window

For retail

Multitouch table

For collaboration

Multi touch wall

For unique experiences

Interactive board

For education and training