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the multi touch software able to recognize objects

Multi Touch Tables Software for Physical Object Recognition

With nuiSense business you can make your multi touch application unique and engaging thanks to the recognition of objects. Leveraging NFC technology you can apply small tags to your products and attach multimedia content. When people approaches the object to the multi touch table the software will open the related content.

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Apply tags

Apply NFC tags to objects that you want the software recognize

Apply your products a simple NFC tags that nuiSense business is able to recognize. By placing the object close to the NFC chip, nuiSense business will automatically show the related contents.


Choose NFC tags

Choose NFC tags that do for you

There are different types of NFC tags compatible with nuiSense business. You can choose to use small and cheap rewritable stickers, or you can choose PVC cards, bracelets or other gadgets to be distributed to your audience.

Use cases

In my travel agency

You can provide your travel agency with a multi touch table with NFC card reader and print on PVC card a picture of the destination of your travel. Your customers can approach the NFC card to the table to view catalogs, video and nice photos of the chosen place.

In my winehouse

You can associate an NFC tag (reusable and non-perishable) to glasses or wine bottle served in tasting. By placing the glass near the multi touch table will open the content you have configured for wine they are tasting.

In my restaurant

Renew your location with multi touch tables. When the dishes come out from your kitchen, you can apply an NFC tag to each dish to let your customers to view an explanation of the chef before they taste the delicacies.

In my showroom

Associates NFC tags to your products and make sure that your customers will approach them to your kiosk: it will automatically show engaging content of your product. Transforms the shopping experience in a unique feeling.

Fairs and events

Associates NFC tags to your products and provide your booth with a multi touch table. So you can intrigue visitors, approaching the product to the table the software will open related images, videos and documents.