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multi touch software for secondary screen projection

Flick your content to other display with a single swipe

With the feature "Secondary Screen" of nuiSense business you can easily project photos and videos on a second screen. You can connect a huge video wall to which "throw" contents, even managing a projection queue.

tag: WiDi, Wireless Display, DLNA, Multi Touch Software for Secondary Screen Presentation


Link your screen

Link your screen

Connect a second screen, a smart TV or a video wall to nuiSense business is really easy: you can use an HDMI cable, WiDi or DLNA. You just "throw" your image or video to the second screen to make it appear.


Queue the contents

Queue the contents to be projected

With nuiSense business you can choose to queue the contents to be projected on the second screen. The contents will be placed in a projection queue and the software automatically displays them one at a time. You can also interact with the projection queue to change the priority of projection or delete an item.

Use cases

In a shopping center

In a dining area you can set up a multi touch kiosk and a video wall. People can interact with the multi touch kiosk and they can send to a projection queue images and videos that they want to display on the video wall.

In a conference

You can view images and video during your presentation directly on a video wall or on a secondary display.

In my enterprise

During a meeting or a workshop you can easily use a Windows 8 tablet or a notebook and project your content using a projector or a second monitor.

Fairs and events

Allow visitors of your booth to select the content to be shown on the main video wall. During the inactivity you can also use the application as a media player for digital signage.