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A team collaboration experience on Microsoft Surface Hub at Microsoft Technology Center

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Surface Hub and nuiSense business reinvent the meeting concept"

Surface Hub and nuiSense business reinvent the meeting concept

The Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) of Milano is an important landmark in Italy for enterprises seeking innovative solution, the MTC is a tool to help you envision, design and deploy solutions to your address even your toughest business challenges.
Now the multi touch suite nuiSense business is installed on Microsoft Surface Hub, a huge 84" all-in-one multi touch device with 4K resolution designed exclusively for team collaboration and profitable remote meeting. Thanks to nuiSense business the presentation concept is renewed, you have the possibility to show multimedia contents, Microsoft Office Power Point slides and web sites in a natural manner.
The Inking feature and the interactive whiteboard will make real the team collaboration allows you to take notes on images, PDFs, video, PowerPoint and web sites and to share just now notes with the team.
Using the nuiSense business's free embredded CMS you can prepare interactive presentations on any Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC and import them on Surface Hub, syncronizing workspaces previously exported in Microsoft Azure cloud or from USB. Surface Hub and nuiSense business reinvent the meeting concept.

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