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OceanWall at Hillside Centre to open a window to Pacific

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Two huge multi touch digital board let users to interact with media in the Hillside Centre"

Two huge multi touch digital board let users to interact with media in the Hillside Centre

nuiSense business was chosen as multi-touch software solution for the project of the activist Christopher Porter installed in Hillside Center in Victoria, Canada. di-erre software is happy to give our contribute on this important technology project that shows how technology can be used to raise awareness about issues related to environmental protection. You can read the full article on Times Colonist.

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How to manage content associated to images and video with nuiSense business

Friday, November 14, 2014

"The nuiSense team tell us how associate text content to pictures and videos"

The nuiSense team tell us how associate text content to pictures and videos

In the version of nuiSense business were introduced several features and improvements. Among the most interesting is the ability to display content associated to photos and videos using the properties of a file. Some media formats, such as jpeg and mp4, allow you to manage the metadata, which are nothing more than information that is stored directly on the file. This metadata is directly managed by the operating system and are associated with the file even if you copy it to another computer. You can then manage on any PC without running nuiSense business, you can just select the file and press the right mouse button, click on "Properties", and then select "details" panel. In the details panel will find different editable properties, those that nuiSense handles are "Title" and "Comments". After entering the content you may click "OK" to save your changes. Now, in the configuration page of the album, in the "General" tab, activate the "View file properties" switch and save the configuration as usual. You can start the album and open the image or video for witch you have entered the property. On the top left there is a new button with the "i" symbol. By pressing this button the software will show a new box with the text previously entered. This feature also allows users to associate descriptive contents to the visual contents displayed in their presentations. A feature of its appeal in trade shows and events.

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HumeLab, from France gets Tabata the first touch coffee table

Monday, November 03, 2014

"Tabata is the first coffee table suitable for waiting room and for your home rest room"

Comes from the French HumeLab the first interactive coffee table height knees that recognizes up to 40 simultaneously touches. A revolutionary product and fine workmanship that reinvents the concept of modern design, both in private and corporate perspective. Tabata is a stylish 42" Full HD with Windows 8.1 pre-installed, and it is available in white or black. It has an Intel Core i5 next-gen processor and an Intel HD 5000 graphics card. Tabata is waterproof, thanks to a 6mm tempered glass surface that protects it from water splashes; need not worry about using it to place objects and hot drinks, it also has a special technology that allows items placed as not to interfere with the touch. Tabata is also equipped with a set of connectors that allow it to communicate easily with smartphones, tablets, Internet and TV. In fact has USB ports, a wireless card, and supports WiDi. Click here to download the product sheet.

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