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Turn glass into multitouch surface thanks to Displax Skin Multitouch

Apply the Displax Skin Multitouch on glass to turn it multitouch. The sensor is a flexible foil, meaning it can be applied on curved surfaces as well as easily be integrated in your own custom structures. Skin enables flexibility and creativity of design.

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All Displax Touch Foils

Dual Touch Skin

Cost effective touch solution, Skin Dualtouch is a mature product with thousands of units currently deployed and working continuously. It's the World's first projected capacitive multitouch product for large formats. From 20" to 100" 16:9 and 4:3.


Ultra Skin

Unrivaled touch experience for large formats up to 100 finger touches simultaneously. Skin Ultra features a clear and highly transparent touch sensor. Therefore, the display image quality will remain pristine and unaffected, providing an uncompromised viewing experience. Sizes from 30" to 105".


UltraFit Skin

The touch sensor uses a short 3 connector flexible flat cable to ensure an easy integration It requires almost no effort for cable routing. The touch controller board has screw holes to allow a more rigid fixation. Sizes from 20" to 105" 16:9, 4:3, 21:9, 16:10, up to 40 finger touches simultaneously.


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