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Free Embedded CMS

Create amazing multi-touch experience for free without coding. Use nuiSense business Free Embedded Content Management System (CMS) to manage your media contents.


Play all the experiences you have created with nuiSense business Free Embedded CMS.

Digital Signage Media Player
Interactive Whiteboard
Interactive Map
Kiosk Web Browser
Interactive Presentation
Interactive Catalog
Branding & Appearance X X X X X X X
Multi-Language (en, fr, de, es, it) X X X X X X X
Kiosk-Mode1 X X X X X X X
Screen Saver X X X X X X X
Import & Export X X X X X X X
Mail via SMTP   X X   X X X
Secondary Screen (HDMI\WiDi\DLNA)2 X4 X4 X4 X4 X X4 X4
Local Folder (Your PC) X X X   X X X
Microsoft Azure X X X   X X X
Microsoft OneDrive X X X   X X X
Dropbox X X X   X X X
Google Drive X X X   X X X
Removable Storage (USB) X X X   X X X
LAN Folder (Intranet Share) X X X   X X X
Enterprise Content Syncronization X X X X X X X
Video\Images X   X X X X X
PDF       X X X X
Microsoft Office PowerPoint5         UP UP UP
Inking (note)   X X X X X X
Object Recognition UP UP UP UP UP UP UP
Device Interaction         UP    
Works Offline X X X   X X X
TruMedia Camera X            
Mail Support 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
1yr Mail Support Extension UP UP UP UP UP UP UP
Number of License Transfer U U U U U U U
Free Updates X X X X X X X

X: Included

U: Unlimited

UP: Upselling, you can buy this feature anytime

1 Windows 8.1/10 Pro, Education, Enterprise, Embedded Industry using Assigned Access feature

2 Secondry screen projection via WiDi\HDMI do not works in Assigned Access on Windows 10

3 Javascript SDK is only available in Windows 10

4 You can only duplicate the first screen

5 Microsoft Office PowerPoint only needed on conversion PC. It keeps many of your slide animations

Read more on PowerPoint To HTML5 Free Conversion Tool

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