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premium mail support

Direct Support to Final Customer

Keep your business clean from software! The final customer will be followed by our english spoken support team in case of problems.

windows store

Easy-to-Deploy, no Pre-Installation

The software installation and updates are provided via Windows Store. It is simple as installing an App on your smartphone, anyone can do it!

easy to use


No special skill required, anyone can configure a multitouch application in few minutes! It is like resell Microsoft Office!

Reseller and manufacturer (OEM) application form

Fill out the application form to request the opportunity to become a reseller of nuiSense business and of our hardware products, so you can access a dedicated price list and you can receive the premium support. If you are an hardware manufacturer of multitouch devices you can pre-install nuiSense business on your devices and you can access to the OEM price list. In both cases, you will be contacted via email by one of our staff who will explain you the benefits of this program and the terms and conditions of the partnership.

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