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Surface Hub - Microsoft Technology Center (Milan - Italy)

Explore the team collaboration on Microsoft Surface Hub and nuiSense business. Our software is installed in Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) of Milan, Italy.

Voltanti Display - 65" 4K UHD touch display

nuiSense business is installed in the demo room of Volanti Display (USA - Silicon Valley) on a 65 inch 4K UHD multi touch display.

MADE expo 2015 Milano - 46" interactive multi touch showcase

We installed for Erreci Sicurezza (Pad. 04 - Stand E25 F22) our interactive multi touch showcase made with a laser projector, a mini PC and a 46" Displax's multi touch foil. nuiSense business is the multi touch software for presentation.

#OceanWalls, the multi touch "wall" of Hillside Center

This video show the technological installation of two interactive iBoard and a huge videowall at witch people can send video to play. The multi touch software used is nuiSense business. This spectacular technological installation is visible starting from 0:30 min.

What's new - nuiSense business

In this video you can discover all the features added to the release of nuiSense business.

Transform glass in a multi-touch experience using a rear projection holographic film

We can transform glass in a real multi-touch experience using a rear projection holographic film and a multi-touch skin. We can recognize up to 20 finger touches to allow multiple people to interact together.

An immersive multi touch presentation thanks to objects recognition

Draw people's curiosity with the recognition of the objects. Apply a simple NFC tag on your products that nuiSense business can recognize. By placing the object close to the NFC chip, nuiSense business will automatically show the related photos, videos and PDF.

MCE 2014 Fiera Milano - Stand SenerTec

The nuiSense business installation at MCE 2014 (stand SenerTec). A man that share company brochure using his Android smartphone.

Have a multitouch immersive experience

Thanks to nuiSense business your customers can have an immersive multitouch experience viewing your company's multimedia files. nuiSense business help you safeguard the environment! No more brochures, catalogues and other paper docs to hand out. People can transfer on their smartphone brochures, catalogues and other contents that you have shared.