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Engage your Audience with Unconventional Multi-Touch Interactive Touch Screen Experiences

Free Embedded CMS

Create your touch experiences using the Free Embedded CMS on your Windows 10 PC also using mouse and keyboard. It is free!

Play your Touch Experiences on Windows 10

Deploy and run using nuiSense Player on any Windows 10 Multi-Touch Device. A nuiSense Player license is needed to run touch experiences created by CMS.

Use Your Own Files

Turn automatically your own images, videos, PDF documents, Microsoft PowerPoint slides, websites, maps and more in an interactive multi touch screen experience.

Ink & Annotate

Take note over documents, images, videos, slides and websites to engage your audience during their experiences. People can use stylus or fingers.

Adaptive Design

Run your touch experiences on all form factor and resolution, from tablets to huge touch displays or touch kiosks.

Fully Customizable Experiences

Create beautiful touch screen experiences, customize everything, there is no limit to your imagination.

Share with Smartphones and Tablets

Share your contents with your audience using local Wi-Fi without installing any App on other devices. You can also share files by email.

Export & Import

Create touch experiences on your PC and import on your kiosk or run from USB. You can also synchronize contents automatically.

Works Offline or Cloud

Our touch screen software can totally works offline to present your contents without connectivity. Otherwise you can use a LAN or your Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft Azure File Storage account. We respect your privacy, your touch experiences will not be uploaded to our servers!

Works Unattended

Thanks to Kiosk-Mode feature you can protect your operating system against manipulation. Users can interact with your application in absolute freedom, it will be impossible to close the software.

Physical Object Recognition

Draw people's curiosity with the recognition of the objects. Apply a simple NFC tag on your products that nuiSense can recognize. By placing the object close to the NFC chip, nuiSense will automatically show the contents you associated. You can also do it using badge or NFC card in PVC.

Kiosk Web Browser

Lockdown browser for safeguarding public access internet kiosks, displays and tablets.

HTML5 JavaScript SDK

Are you a developer and needs more customization freedom? Use our HTML5 JavaScript SDK to create unique experiences.

Secondary Screen Projection

Send images and videos on a secondary display, a TV or a video wall. Thanks to the projection queue users will be able to send more content to be tailed one at a time. Connect a second screen is really easy, you can do it via HDMI cable, WiDi and DLNA.


Track your audience actions and automatically exports in a csv file.

Success Stories

Are you a customer or partner and have you a story to share with us? Contact us to add your nuiSense story here!

Honeywell Tradeshow Touch Software

Honeywell - Tradeshow MultiTouch Presentation - Milan, Berlin (Europe)

Honeywell International, Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, from private consumers to major corporations and governments. Honeywell is a Fortune100 company. They used nuiSense business in many tradeshows in Italy (e.g. MCE 2016 Milan) and Germany on a 42" Humelab ProCap multi-touch table and three 55" IR multi-touch Samsung displays.

Panel Touch Screen Software

Panel Industrial PC - Tradeshow Touch Presentation - Parma (Italy)

SPS 2017 Tradeshow, the goal was to have a multi touch software capable to proof their multi-touch displays. Panel needed to create an interactive touch screen software in a short time with low budget without coding. nuiSense allowed them to create an interactive catalog to show the products in an unconventional and more engaging way and the goal was reached.

Rear projected holographic showcase

Erreci Sicurezza - Rear projected holographic showcase - Milan (Italy)

Erreci Sicurezza is an italian manufacturing company that produces security gates. They use a 46" interactive holographic solution (a Displax multi-touch skin laminated on glass) to present their products during the tradeshow MADE Expo 2015 in Milan (Italy).


Download nuiSense from one of the following links, depending on your operating system. nuiSense is distributed via Windows Store.

2.10.40 - Windows 10/11 (16 Jan 2023)

The latest version of nuiSense for a Windows 10 device.

User Manual (31 Jan 2022)

The user manual will help you to become familiar with nuiSense.

Install Instruction

nuiSense is distributed via Windows Store. Please contact your IT administrator if you do not have Windows Store App installed on your Windows PC, your organization can install it for you.

Player Pricing

Perpetual per-device Player licence with unlimited transfer, pay now use forever.
You will receive via email a registration code that you can use to register your device. The registration code will be associated to your hardware, OS reinstall or upgrade do not affects the license. You can move the license to another device unlimited times.

nuiSense multi touch suite silver

nuiSense Silver


699.00 EUR

  • Perpetual license, no monthly\annual fees
  • Free Updates
  • Email Support
  • Unlimited License Transfers
nuiSense multi touch suite gold

nuiSense Gold


999.00 EUR

  • Perpetual license, no monthly\annual fees
  • Free Updates
  • Email Support
  • Unlimited License Transfers
  • Device Interaction
nuiSense multi touch suite platinum

nuiSense Platinum


1,499.00 EUR

  • Perpetual license, no monthly\annual fees
  • Free Updates
  • Email Support
  • Unlimited License Transfers
  • Device Interaction
  • Tangible Object Recognition

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